talking together

Every person or couple that comes to me has a different reason. If I had to sum up those reasons, people describe what they are seeking as a better relationship with themselves and others – intimacy, self-image and love are the focus. What they most commonly say is missing are aspects such as fun, freedom, happiness, fulfilment, self-expression, joy.

When I ask what stops them, they use words that point to shame, specific past trauma, fear and self-loathing. Mostly we don’t even know what stops us, or can even acknowledge we are stopped. Without our intimate needs being fulfilled or even acknowledged, we live a life half-lived.

To move past where we are stuck is as simple, and as challenging, as conversation. For just under an hour, we sit in a quiet, intimate space and I listen and we speak. Through conversation, creating a meaningful intimate life is absolutely possible and absolutely does happen. 

There is no recipe nor ’10 step program’ to provide instant results (sorry!). What I can promise is to support you in finding your way; one person with the map, and the other person with the light. Between us, we can navigate to a version of yourself that is more fully expressed – a version that has you more deeply equipped for the intimacy that makes life meaningful and joyful.