Compersion cannot be found in the standard dictionary, but Wikipedia defines it as “an empathetic state of happiness and joy experienced when another individual experiences happiness and joy.”

Compersion is described as being an experience of transformative bliss and can be experienced in a range of different settings, be they intimate or other. An example: I was watching a very young relative playing at the park chasing seagulls, laughing and being fully self-expressed in their innocent fun. I found myself experiencing my own profound joy through being immersed in the child’s joy. This is an example of compersion; in loving someone their joy can become mine too.

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NGO Recovery Project

Earlier this year we completed a six month project of business transformation supporting a large local NGO to engage seriously in the work of supporting recovery.  Core aspects of the project were architecting the change, supporting an organisational restructure, liaising widely in the sector to promote understanding and garner support for the change and establishing and facilitating four staff recovery groups.

This work yielded powerful results which showed up not only in the lives of the consumers with whom the staff worked, but also in the staff’s own lives and practice.  As part of this process, 13 potential recovery group facilitators were identified and subsequently mentored over a six-month period in order to embed the recovery approach in the organisation.

The measure of success of this project was that Ros Bowyer Consulting were able to step away after this time and the organisation continued down the path of supporting a recovery-enabling approach.