Ros Bowyer Consulting (RBC) offers and facilitates groups as an opportunity to mix with others, and talk and listen in a safe, contained space. These groups are leading edge practice in supporting and facilitating positive change in people’s lives, and are offered at low cost as an alternative and/or an adjunct to traditional therapy services.

The groups are currently organised through, an online platform. There are two current groups, and they can be found at

This approach is opposite to the ‘mental illness’ model of psychiatry and psychology where ‘patients’ identify as being ill, and have a referral from a GP, or may be given a mental health plan.

This model is based in ‘Recovery‘, and is for people who identify as being mentally well, and provides effective strategies to address feelings or circumstances that affect individuals’ mental health.

Ros has over 12 years experience in Recovery, and has presented and trained professionals nationally and internationally. This approach has been used successfully by RBC in a variety of corporate settings, and is being offered for the first time to individuals.