Compersion cannot be found in the standard dictionary, but Wikipedia defines it as β€œan empathetic state of happiness and joy experienced when another individual experiences happiness and joy.”

Compersion as a term is often used in the poly community and is cited as being an experience of transformative bliss. It is reported as being sometimes challenging to let go of feelings of jealousy if a loved one is experiencing intimacy with another before our very eyes but there is an opportunity for unprecedented personal growth for those able to step into this space…

This is such a powerful and transformative experience! I was watching a relative’s child playing at the park chasing seagulls, laughing and fully self-expressed in their innocent fun. I found myself experiencing my own profound joy through being immersed in the child’s joy. This is an example of compersion; in loving someone their joy can become mine too.

Melanie Ginsburg has a beautiful article about this – check it out here.