Life is not all about sex or our intimate relationships. However, when emotional intimacy, physical intimacy or sexual satisfaction are missing, it can seem the most important thing in the world is gone from our lives.

We know that self acceptance and open, honest communication are ingredients of a healthy intimate relationship. ‘Knowing’ is however not the same as having it happen in your life. We all need support and informed advice at some time to overcome barriers. And for many of us, the barriers have been in place for a long time. 

By working together, sexual fulfilment and intimate connection is possible for you, no matter the invisible walls that seem to stand in the way.

I work in non-judgemental ways with clients who are living or looking for a variety of intimate relationships including;

  • mainstream monogamous unions
  • principled polyamory
  • Christian relationships with or without physical intimacy
  • LGBTQI relationships.

I use an integrative holistic approach in therapy, incorporating clinical, psychotherapeutic, spiritual and ontological trainings.