For most of us our capacity to feel good about ourselves and to create and maintain intimate relationships is central to feeling that life is good. And yet few of us have an understanding of exactly how to get, and keep, this life-sustaining self-belief and capacity for intimacy. If only these techniques, this way of living and being, were taught in schools and homes!

It’s not a new idea that self-acceptance and open, honest communication are key ingredients of a contented life and healthy intimate relationships. ‘Knowing’ is however not the same as having it happen in your life in a way that moves you towards the connections you need to be profoundly satisfied, including the primary connection with yourself. 

We all need support and informed advice at some time in our lives to overcome barriers which, for many of us, may have been in place for a long time.  Sometimes it’s a way of living that we’ve learned from our families when we were growing up and we’ve just got into habits that really don’t serve us but we don’t know how else to ‘do life’. Others may just be wanting expert help to fast-track through a challenging period.

By working together, we believe that self-mastery and intimate connection is possible for all of us, no matter what may seem to be standing in the way.

At Ros Bowyer Consulting we work in non-judgemental ways with all sorts of people of all ages from high school age upwards. You might be wanting to get better results in your life, feel better about yourself, improve your relationships with your family and friends, feel less overwhelmed by life, create and nurture meaningful relationships that really feed your soul, learn how to love yourself from the inside out.

This may be because your current ways are not getting you enough of what you want and need, or that you are tired of always being the ‘giver’ and not ‘getting’ much back, perhaps that you have a growing sense that you are missing out on the juice of life, that there must be more, or maybe even just that you are a life-long learner and want to learn more about how to deeply and profoundly connect and create a more dynamic, powerful life.

Whatever it is, and whatever sort of life situation you’re in or drawn to, we can work with you. For some this is mainstream, for others not so much. We are a safe place to bring your questions and your yearnings; it brings us great joy to support you towards deeper fulfilment.

We use an integrative, holistic approach in therapy, incorporating psychotherapeutic, ontological, spiritual and coaching trainings and would love to hear from you if you’re keen to know more.